正しい方向に進むことと、動き続けること - have a right vision, and keep on developing -


世の中の多くの優れたオープンソースはそのように育まれてきたし、Amazon やFacebook のような企業もそうだ。彼らは細部のチューニングをしながらも、一貫したビジョンを持ってサービスを構築してきた。たとえ開発速度が一年二年ブレたとしても、彼らは変わらず成功をおさめるだろう。



I often hear that development speed is very important, but I think "running right way" (where to put ladder) is much more important than it. If we are doing right, we can reduce wrong work, and can recover more or less delays.

Many of nice open source softwares have been developed like this, and companies like Amazon or Facebook are doing same things. They are working on features one by one, with consistent vision (with good sense :)). Even if their speeds of product out delay 1 or 2 years, they would still get success.

Of course, only "having a good vision" is not enough. "Keep on improving" (with any speed) is also important. Putting very matured products aside, no other things disappoint users than services with stopped development.

What I want to say here is like this. Be sure to having a right vision, and keep on developing. There should exist many kinds of miscellaneous tasks and strategies, and pressure of deadline, but if your team satisfies these two conditions, just handle issues with relax.

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